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(Source: macaulayc)

(Source: macaulayc)

Anonymous asked: your such a fake. i bet your faking everything. the depression, the "suicide attempts", and the mental institution. you just want the attention. do the world a favor and actually kill yourself.

Why would I fake something like this? And believe me, I’m trying


Chelsea Clinton, Mark Ruffalo, Michael Rapaport and Rory Culkin were just a few of the guests on the TFF 2014 red carpets tonight.

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Anonymous asked: i totally feel you on that. all people can say to fucked up people is "stay strong" or "it will get better". their like a fucking broken record. If they really wanted to "help" they would say something that would actually make us feel better, not just make promise that it will get better, because it never does.

Finally someone said it



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Anonymous asked: Hunny, everything will get better. stay strong <3

People have been saying that to me for 8 fucking years. It’s only gotten worse. I’m tired of trying to stat strong and I’m ready to give up. And the sad part is, I have no one that will miss me.